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Cataracts are very common as you get older, especially after the age of 60. Cataracts can develop slowly over time or progress rapidly within a few months and can affect your vision. Please visit the websites below for more information on cataracts and surgery. We encourage our patients to educate themselves in order to make informed decisions regarding their choices. This will make decisions easier at your consultation appointments with our doctors. 

Pre - Consultation

Do not wear contact lenses for 2 weeks prior to appointment.

  • Use Artificial Tears 4 times per day for 2 weeks 

  • This will improve the quality of your measurements and your vision after surgery

  • Over the Counter options: Hydrasense, Systane, Liposic, and Refresh Tears (Avoid Visine)

Watch the following three videos before your appointment to prepare for your visit.

Pre - Surgery

Depending on your cataract surgery location please follow the instructions below.

Barrie Lasik

500 Huronia Road Suite #204 


Ensure you have completed and submitted your anesthetic questionnaire 1 month prior to surgery.


Patients will have the option to submit the surgical package at the clinic between the hours of 9am-3pm or email/fax these forms ( or


Failure to do so can result in your surgery dates being cancelled.



You should receive a call from Barrie Lasik 3-7 days before your surgery date to give you the surgery arrival time. 


Dilating drops must be picked up from Barrie Ocular Surgery.


 Add 1 drop to the operated eye 2 hours and 1 hour prior to your surgery arrival time. 


Ensure that you have picked up your post-operative drops from the pharmacy prior to your surgery.


201 Georgian Drive


Fill out the surgical package and bring it to the hospital on the day of surgery. 

RVH will call you the Friday before your surgery between 12pm-3:30pm to give you the surgery arrival time.

Post Surgical Drops

Ensure that you have picked up your post-operative drops from the pharmacy prior to your surgery.

Lasik MD


Day of Surgery

Cataract patients are required to wear a button-down shirt. You will not be required to change into hospital attire.

Take all your usual morning medication(s) by 6:00 a.m. with a sip of water, unless otherwise instructed by your surgeon. If you have any questions, contact your surgeon’s office or your family doctor.

If you are diabetic, please bring your glucometer to your surgical appointment.

Post - Surgery

Post-Op Instructions

  • Do NOT rub your eye.

  • Wear your shield at bed time for 1 week. 

  • Do NOT lift heavy objects or perform strenuous activities for 1 week.

  • Do NOT drive. Your eye doctor will tell you when it is safe to resume driving.

  • AVOID swimming, hot tubs and/or saunas for 2 weeks after surgery.

  • Stay out of dusty environments for 2 weeks after surgery.

  • AVOID makeup for 2 weeks.

  • Taking a shower is okay 2 days after your surgery.

  • AVOID getting water/soap/shampoo directly into your operated eye. 

  • Take regular Tylenol for any discomfort.

Postoperative Drops

  • Start your drops on the day of surgery after getting home.

  • Continue any glaucoma drops (eye pressure drops).

  • Always wash your hands before touching your eyes or using drops.

  • Shake all bottles well before each use.

  • Wait 3-5 minutes between drops.

BOS Site - Eye Drop Table Chart.png

Post-Operative Appointment

  • You must attend your post-op appointment at our clinic (Barrie Ocular Surgery 441 Huronia Road) within 1 week of your surgery.

  • If you do not have a post-operative appointment, please email the clinic:

Post-Surgery Concerns

See your optometrist, eye surgeon or visit the nearest emergency room if you experience:

  • Loss of vision

  • Nausea, vomiting or headaches

  • Severe pain that persists despite using over-the-counter pain medications

  • Multiple new spots (floaters) in the operated eye

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